Educational system in Chile

  • Primary School: 8 years
  • Secondary School: 4 years
  • Higher Education: 4-6 years undergraduate degree, 1-2 year Master’s degree, 3-5 year PhD

Grading system:

Highest on scale: 7; Pass/Fail level: 4; Lowest on scale: 1

There are 43 accredited universities, 19 accredited  professional institutes, and 18 accredited technical institutions (by December 2015, according to the information from, all of which contribute to a total of approximately 1,160,000 students in the Chilean educational system (44% in universities).  The most popular majors are:  law, business administration, civil engineering, psychology, journalism, and education.  Chile is the Latin American country with the highest percentage of graduate students who study in the US, compared to undergraduate students, the reason being the high quality and reputation of the Chilean university system throughout the Americas.

Useful websites:

Useful dates to remember when visiting Chile:

  • Academic Calendar: March to July, August to December
  • Summer vacation: December to February
  • Winter vacation: Generally mid July
  • Independence Day: September 18, 19 and 20
  • Easter: Generally mid April

For updated holidays check: Time and date